Sep 18

Cozy fall home decor.

Cozy fall home decor.

It was F. Scott Fitzgerald who said “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” (thanks, Pinterest!) and this year, we’re going to make that our seasonal motto. Time to hit the refresh button!

Fall wardrobe updates are (not so) secretly our favorites ones to make. Finding shiny new boots, embracing the many cuts and washes of jeans and slipping into our best sweaters make the chill in the air much more fun to embrace.

But our wardrobe (and those of our significant others and kids!) isn’t the only thing we use the fall for an excuse to update.

So we’re taking that idea into our homes and making some easy, cozy updates for the new season. Check out our favorite picks!

1. Warm throw from Timothy Paul Home (at top)
We think some of the best throws we’ve ever come across are in Timothy Paul’s gorgeous showroom. They come in colors that easily match any décor motif and are, for lack of a better term, super snuggly. We can’t wait to wrap up on the couch with these and a mug of apple cider!

2. Throw pillows in jewel tones from Timothy Paul Home
Rich jewel tones are always big in the fall—emerald, oxblood and sapphire make some of our favorite accent hues. So we plan on nabbing a few seasonally appropriate pillows from Timothy Paul Home this year—after all, our couch deserves to be dressed up, too!

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3. DIY garlands from Paper Source
Who says home décor can’t have a little whimsy and fun? The DIY section at Paper Source is always stocked with opportunities to make fun wreaths, garlands and tiny decorations. Bonus: the sense of pride that comes with being able to say “Oh, that? I made it.”


4. Volupsa candles from Anthropologie
Best. Candles. Ever? We’re obsessed with these long-lasting, rich-smelling beauties from Anthropologie. And with different scent undertones to match the change in leaves, we could switch our candle out for every week of the season. Sounds like a win-win to us.


5. Tea kettle from Capital Teas
Did you know that Capital Teas sells tea accessories in addition to its custom blends? This cute teapot would look right at home in our kitchen—and if it’s not your style, rest assured: they have many more options in their store. Once the air requires us to bundle up (sometimes even inside), a piping hot mug of tea is our favorite indulgence.