Sep 22

Swirl and Sip Wine Life Festival

Swirl and Sip Wine Life Festival

Our friends at Swirl & Sip are planning special wine festival on Saturday, September 27—and we’re bringing you the inside scoop!

We sat down with Jason Kim, the founder of Swirl & Sip, to chat “the wine life” and his upcoming festival.

Glass Alley: Tell us a little bit about Swirl & Sip got started.

Jason Kim: I fell in love with the wine life, and everything that comes with it. Sharing the moments with family and friends, and going out for good food and gourmet meals and that kind of thing. It also provides a balance that a lot of people need in their busy schedules.

We recognize that so much of the wine-buying process is the experience of wine. Picking up tidbits about the wineries and wines and that kind of thing. We wanted to be able to have a place where we can do that all the time.

GA: What does ‘the wine life’ mean? 

JK: The wine life represents the good life. Good wine and good food, friends and family and the balance. Things that people look forward to, memories that are created by opening a bottle of wine.

Those are some of the moments that you’re not really going to forget. The memories that make up your life.

GA: Tell us what we can expect at the festival!

JK: 150 wines and it will be representative of the store. A little from each area—California is our biggest section here, so we’ll have mostly California wines, but most of the wineries are represented. And we’ll have a lot of distributors and importers.

We have two breweries that are coming, Devil’s Backbone and Lost Rhino. Matchbox will be doing some food, MediterraFish will be doing oysters and shrimp cocktails and Le Pain will be doing baked goods. And we’ll have live music from the Josh Burgess band.


GA: What will the tasting experience be like?

JK: Each table will have five wines per table. And each attendee will get their own glass, and they can go around and taste whichever of the regions they would like. It will be 1–2 ounce pours, and it will be unlimited. Food will be in addition to that.

GA: What charity will the festival benefit?

JK: The Junior League has this initiative called Kids in the Kitchen. They teach elementary school kids about healthy eating habits, and the parents too. They focus on healthy eating and physical activity, so promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The Junior League is such a great organization, they have such a good culture, that we really trust them to make an impact in Fairfax and the community.

GA: What should first-time wine drinkers know before the festival? 

JK: It’s a good way to taste through and refine what you like and what you don’t like!