Sep 24

The Dish on food this fall at Mosaic.

The Dish on food this fall at Mosaic.

You’ve probably seen the images floating around Mosaic lately—downright tasty photos of a steaming hot pastrami sandwich, a gritty look into oyster farming, a creative blend of high-quality tea spilling out onto a countertop.

What’s it all about?

This fall, we’re celebrating everything that makes the food scene at Mosaic truly special—the ways our ingredients are sourced, how the dishes are inspired and how food is used to spark gathering.

We explored the Rappahannock Oyster Farm, the backbone behind Brine (coming to Mosaic in 2015!) There, we saw the oyster-growing process from its inception—tiny shells carefully cultivated in a sheltered environment before being released into the bay to thrive (see image above).

Owner Travis Croxton told us about Rappahannock’s attention to environmental responsibility—the farm is careful to return oyster shells to the wild, helping the bay grow and prosper.


A blend of high-quality tea.

We also sat down with Chef RJ Cooper and his favorite culinary minds at GypsySoul Restaurant. The interior of the restaurant may be a cool, motorcycle-chic destination, but inside the open kitchen is a staff with a deep respect for the food they’re serving and its path to your table.

The creativity required to remake a menu based around what’s in season each week—not just monthly—is daunting, but Cooper and his team are up to the task.


Piping-hot pastrami from DGS Delicatessen.

At DGS Delicatessen, we watched as piping-hot pastrami was sliced into thin, delicious layers, stacked high and presented as a sandwich that’s mouthwatering even in photos. Ted’s Bulletin gave us a peek into the creative process that churns out decidedly grownup spins on classic childhood favorites—flaky homemade pop-tarts, sno-balls coated in a dusting of coconut, and some boozy milkshakes that are sure to be instant hits.

Every inch of Mosaic’s food scene is carefully thought out and crafted, from the Philly-like brotherly love that hits you as soon as you walk in the door at Taylor Gourmet, the fresh blend of Mediterranean flavors at Cava Grill and the long wall of tea flavors at Capital Teas.

Check out our social media feeds this fall for further glimpses into Mosaic food—and taste them all at Mosaic! We promise you won’t be disappointed.