Oct 25

a very paper source halloween

a very paper source halloween

Boo! It’s almost that time – pumpkins and candy corn, black and orange, trick-or-treat and … candy eating!

We’re stockpiling candy for the neighborhood kids right now, but anticipate another purchasing run coming very soon. If only there was a way to hide candy from ourselves!

This time of the year is our favorite – the chill in the air mean we can dig those cozy sweaters out of the back of the closet. The leaves are so pretty! (Bear with us, we’ve got a New England native on our team who can’t get enough of fall foliage). Cute little ones are running around in costume – is there anything better? – and we get to decorate for the holidays.

While our true favorite is holiday decor in December, we love adding just a hint of Halloween spirits around the house. Not too much to be tacky, just enough to put a spooky sheen on everything.

This year, we’re stocking up at Paper Source before the big day – they’ve got some of the cutest stuff! Pick any of these up?


The BOO! bags are one of the cuter ways to carry candy we’ve seen. And those brightly colors skulls would look darling strung up around our fireplace.


Eat, drink and be scary? Sounds like our kinda party!


^^^ and that’s just because sometimes, we could all use a little happy reminder.

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