Oct 30

add a little lou lou bling

add a little lou lou bling

Our favorite part of fall and winter dressing is how cozy it is. Chunky knits? Get in our closet. Warm, fuzzy sweaters? The more the merrier. Plaid shirts worn soft and tissue-thin, so comfortable you can sleep in them? We’ll take them by the dozen.

Sometimes, though, we can fall into the same old routine every morning. Comfy jeans, sweater or button-down, booties. Check, check, check. On those days, when we look in the mirror and realize we need a little extra oomph, it’s tempting to feel discouraged. But instead, we’re letting you in on a secret we’ve discovered: everything in your wardrobe can look new again with a little extra bling.

It’s a good rule of thumb. And it’s an easy one to use during the fall, when the clothes are made for some accessory sparkle. Enter lou lou boutique – our favorite source for all things bling. Affordable, adorable and on-trend, lou lou is like a one-stop shop for accessory heaven.

Take the sparkly statement necklace at the top of the post. Imagine throwing that around the neck of your favorite fisherman’s sweater. Cool girl glam, done. Or add it to your best-fitting, “make your enemies jealous” L.B.D. and – voila!- you’ve got a seriously killer holiday party outfit.

It’ll even look good with the aforementioned plaid shirt and jeans combo. (Because, seriously, what doesn’t?!).


Next up? An addicting roundup of all things tortoiseshell. This staple pattern is basically a neutral – up there with leopard print in our (and Jenna Lyons’) book.

We love this look at work – adding some intrigue to your wrist when you pull that workhorse navy blue sheath out of the closet. Draped just-so over the black skirt suit that’s your go-to boardroom ensemble.

And if you’re brave enough to attempt the all-denim look on the sidelines of football games this fall? Tortoiseshell accessories are going to be your new best friend. Trust us.


Mixing and matching gold stud earrings is our favorite new addictive behavior, and we’ve got the overflowing jewelry tray to prove it.

Sometimes, all you have time to do is throw your hair in a topknot, secure it with a few bobby pins and go – but a good selection of cute, easy stud earrings is an easy way to glam up this look. No fussing with complicated chandelier earrings here. Simple slip these on and go – instant glamour.

Bonus points if you scoop up some of lou lou’s most gorgeous fall hues -like the garnet teardrops, above.


Last but not least, felt hats are something we seriously recommend investing in for fall.

Confession: we were never “hat people.” As in, we were one of those kids who caught it from Mom for venturing out in Nor’easters without anything on our heads. Hats just never seemed to fit right… and we always felt a little awkward.

Then we found the floppy felt hats at lou lou and we. were. sold. Somehow, they look good on everyone. Seriously. Flattering! And they’re instant outfit completers. Heading out in a pair of somewhat-sweatpants and a hoodie? A hat instantly adds some flair.

Plus, they hide a bad hair day. That’s a wardrobe MVP in our book.

So head to lou lou and stock up. We promise – you won’t be sorry!


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