Oct 6

care for kids campaign

care for kids campaign

We’re doing something a little different on Glass Alley today – telling you about a community fundraiser that benefits Children’s National.

Last week, we sat down with Kim Trundle, who is on the Board of Visitors for Children’s National, and who is instrumental in organizing their annual Care for Kids campaign. In a nutshell, the campaign sells cards that help you get discounts at a number of participating retailers – and the money from the cards, in turn, goes directly to the hospital.

Kim told us a little about the campaign, her personal ties to it, and the plans for the Care for Kids week. Joining us was Timothy Worrell of Timothy Paul Home, who is hosting an open house with Gypsy Soul as a part of the Care for Kids week.


Glass Alley: Tell us a little bit about the Care for Kids program?

Kim Trundle: Care for Kids is a fundraiser for Children’s National, where we sell cards for $50. That is a direct donation to Children’s National. Anybody who has that card can use it at hundreds of participating shops and restaurants in D.C., Maryland and Virginia and get 20 percent off their purchases during a 10-day period in October.

This year, we have about 300 shops, all over from Mosaic to Georgetown to Chevy Chase to Rockville.

GA: Why did you decide to get involved with Care for Kids and Children’s National?

KT: I am on a fundraising board for Children’s National and Care for Kids is one of their signature fundraising events. I joined the board a couple of years ago because when my youngest child was born, he was born with a major heart defect. Right after he was born, we ended right up at Children’s National and had a terrifying, but amazing experience there. He had open-heart surgery and was very, very sick. He was there for a couple weeks. But truly, everyone I met, from the intake at the ER to the nurses to the doctors to the recovery were amazing.

Now that my kids are a little bit older, I wanted to start working on something as a volunteer.

GA: And Tim [Worrell, of Timothy Paul Home], what made you want to become involved with Care for Kids?

TW: I knew a lot of people that were involved with it in previous years and said what a nice cause it was. And I have two kids who, knock on wood, they’re healthy. But you know, as a parent. I get a lot of requests every year, especially this time of year.

This was a cause that involved a lot of people. I could cover a lot of ground with it, it affects everybody, – most, if not all of our customers have kids- and it’s something that everybody really digs. With Kim, knowing her and that she was involved with this, we talked about it back in the winter. I had heard of it, we didn’t do it last year becuase we found out too late, so it was kismet. It came together.

GA: And you’re hosting a party for the fundraiser in October, right?

TW: During the end of the Care for Kids week, we’re going to host a party for the book sellers, our customers, the board – it will be midday, with appetizers, tea, coffee. It will be a chance to come out to Mosaic and not only see our store but the other participants that got involved.

GA: And for people reading this, what does Care for Kids week entail?

KT: It’s a 10-day shopping period at all of the D.C., Maryland and Virginia shops and restaurants. It’s from Friday, October 17 through the 26th. It covers two different weekends, and you can use your card as many times as you want at any of the participating shops.

TW: Really, in a nutshell, for the $50 that the card is going to cost, you can use it at 100 places. If you spend $250 dollars, you’re getting your money back.

GA: So where can people get the cards?

KT: They can purchase them online, at boardofvisitors.com. Timothy Paul is selling them here at the shop.

TW: If you’re out at Mosaic, just swing by. We have them at the store, a credit card swiper and the money goes directly to the hospital – it just bypasses us. You walk out with your book and you can start saving.

KT: And books are available right now!



Stay tuned for more information on our social media feeds about how to support Care for Kids – and if you’re interested, swing by Mosaic to buy your card!