Oct 27

let’s hear it for the boys

let’s hear it for the boys

The men in our life are awesome. Seriously, there’s a lot we couldn’t do without them. But sometimes, they need a little styling help – right?

(Aside – are we the only ones who hear the Beyonce song “Upgrade U” in our heads when deciding to buy clothes for the guys in our life? We’ll pause while you consider that.) 

Don’t get us wrong. Some of the guys in our life are rocking serious fashion. Some know how to master that “cool-casual” look – slipping on a Faherty Brand shirt before heading out for the day. For the guys that have it down pat, and for the guys that need a little help, Federal has them covered. We want to wear some of the stuff on the racks… that’s how cool it is.

The casual-comfy sweatshirt, above ^^ but seriously, how cozy does that look? We might buy it for our guy just so we can steal – we mean borrow – it.


Upgraded denim – There’s a way to wear jeans so that it’s not sloppy. Federal has a lineup of really cool, really stylish denim outfits.


Leather accessories – Every guy needs a good pair of shoes, a good bag, and a stylish cap.


Royall cologne – All guys should smell this good.