Oct 14

new sweetgreen menu! (celebrate!!)

new sweetgreen menu! (celebrate!!)

We’ve got a guest post on Glass Alley today! (Our first one, yahoo!) The folks over at sweetgreen just debuted a new, totally delicious menu. They wrote up this awesome post explaining the changes, why they shook it up, and what you can expect.

One thing hasn’t changed… bring your appetite!


It’s a known fact that food tastes best when it’s in season, so we’ve thoughtfully evolved our menu to align with the five growing seasons on the East Coast. This not only allows us to serve you more delicious and nutritious local produce, but also enables us to better support our local farmers and communities.

What can you expect?

  • A seasonal offering with multiple salads and soups that rotates five times per year. We know you loved having a new salad each month, but we’re confident you’ll love this even more.


  • An updated signature lineup featuring new salads like the Rad Thai, Hummus Tahina, and Avocobbo, along with two new wild rice-based salads: the Wild Child and Harvest Bowl. We’ve been testing these menu items at the sweetgreen Dupont Test Kitchen, and the feedback has been phenomenal!


  • Favorites like the Kale Caesar, Guacamole Greens, Spicy Sabzi and Earth Bowl are here to stay, while a few salads had to go to make room for the new signature lineup. All of the new salads incorporate even healthier, more sustainably-produced ingredients – something we are proud to share with you.


  • In an effort to streamline our offering to focus on what we do best (salads), and offer healthier grain options, wraps are no longer part of our menu. We encourage you to try one of our new grain-based signature salads, or make your own with wild rice or quinoa + farro, for a hearty replacement.



And now, a word from Michael Stebner, our Director of Culinary Innovation and the man behind our new menu:

We all know that certain fruits and vegetables grow only at specific times of the year. It’s why we eat watermelon salads in the summer and drink pumpkin lattes in the fall.

At sweetgreen, we’re committed to changing the food system and being a positive force in our local communities.  Starting this fall, our menu will be aligned with the five growing seasons on the East Coast. As the seasons change, our menu will evolve five times a year to incorporate even more fruits and vegetables from our farmers.

Eating seasonally is good for everyone and everything involved. It’s when fruits and vegetables are at their peak flavor and at their highest nutritional density, making it the best and healthiest way to eat. From the minute one of our farmers picks an apple from a tree, the taste and nutritional value of that piece of fruit starts to decline.

Second, seasonal eating is best for the environment.  By reducing the distance between you and your food, we can eliminate excess gases used to transport produce across the country.   

But the best part about sourcing local, in-season ingredients? It allows us to support the communities that define us.

Thank you for continuing to stand behind our commitment to changing the food system and for living the sweetlife with us every day. We’re excited to celebrate each and every growing season with you!

– Michael Stebner

Questions or comments? Take a look at the full Fall Menu, or shoot us a note at [email protected]. We can’t wait for you to stop by and #tastetheseason!