Oct 8

[now listening] tristan prettyman

Happy Wednesday, Glass Alley readers!

Congratulations – you’ve made it halfway through the week. If you’re reading this in the morning, reward yourself with a delicious latte and some really great music. If you’re reading this in the evening, reward yourself with a delicious glass of wine and some really great music.

(If you’re reading this in the afternoon – pick between the two! We won’t tell your boss.)

Every now and then, we’ll drop in to give you an example of the things that are on our brains. Sometimes it may be a good or particularly thought-provoking read. Other times, it may be that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix! (Does that show make anyone else want to call their mom?)

Today, it’s some really good music that we’ve had on repeat nonstop. She’s released three albums, starting with Twentythree in 2005. Her latest, 2012’s Cedar + Gold, is a stripped-down, heart-wrenching take on love gone wrong. Prettyman is so raw and honest in her lyrics that we move through the different stages of mourning a relationship with her: anger, denial, sadness, acceptance. But through it all are undeniably catchy melodies – ones that have been stuck in our head for weeks.

Take a listen – and then maybe scoop up tickets to see Prettyman when she comes to town with Eric Hutchinson in November! She just got married and is working on new material – this time, exposing love gone right.