Oct 23

our favorite pieces of street jewelry

our favorite pieces of street jewelry

You may have noticed that we like to add a hint of the unexpected here at Mosaic. We want coming here to feel familiar – like this is your community (because it is your community)!

But we also love the element of the surprise, and discovering something unexpected around every corner. It explains why we’ve got a bit of the wanderlust, and it explains why you’ll find so many cool hidden (and not-so-hidden) features of Mosaic scattered around the property!

We’ve picked some of our favorites here. What about you? Have we missed anything that you’ve seen – and loved – at the center?


The giant chess board – it’s your move.


Our pianos – play them and #InspireMusic. (and then show us yourself doing it on social media! @mosaicdistrict.)


The old-timey wheel bench – take a load off in front of Strawberry Park.


The Yards Project – a growing (and gorgeous) community art installation.