Oct 18

our top three picks from south moon under this fall

our top three picks from south moon under this fall

Have we mentioned that fall is our favorite season to shop for? Layer up the chunky knits, army green, leather and faux fur and we are some happy shoppers. Throw some booties into the mix and, hey, we’d be pretty happy if it stayed fall all the way until we’re ready for summer again! Because seriously, who needs more polar vortex, anyway?

Today’s edition of things on our wish list comes from South Moon Under. And in a perfect twist of fate, this weekend is their friends & family sale – that means 15 percent off storewide, and THAT means we’re getting ready to feel our wallets lighten.

Check out our top three picks from South Moon, below, and let us know – what’s on your wish list? What can’t you live without each fall?


Boots (above, top image)

Boots, booties, riding boots, leather boots, brown, black, cognac, gray – we can’t stop. (No, seriously… we’re running out of floor space in our closet.) But there’s something about slipping into the perfect pair of boots that makes the rest of the day seem, well, seamless. A slight heel injects a bit of confidence into our step without being so high that our arches are begging for forgiveness by lunchtime. The range of colors makes it easy to match a different pair of boots to every day’s outfit – or find one pair of perfect black boots that turn into our workhorses and get scooped up to wear almost every day as we run out the door. (Guilty…)

So here’s to you, boots. The MVPs of the fall shopping season.


Leather and plaid accents



Let’s get down to business. There are a few things that will always make our hearts swoon over here on Glass Alley: a rich red wine. Perfectly crafted thank-you notes. Injecting a little bit of sparkle into our home decor. Gold hardware. And leather and plaid accents.

Lucky for us, leather and plaid are two hot fall trends year. How great is that purse, above, that we spotted at South Moon? It’s probably our new go-to bag – until we decided we can’t live without the next black and red vision of beauty that saunters into our closet.

Leather accents are a great way to bring fall into your pre-existing wardrobe. Scoop up a leather jacket (real or faux!), or simply an army green trench with leather sleeves – throw it over a dress, jeans with a t-shirt, or even a skirt and blouse combo, and you instantly look a lot more fall-like and little more en vogue. We’re huge fans.

As for plaid, it’s the unofficial hue of fall and winter for a reason. Where else can you nab a button-down shirt that’s cozy enough to sleep in, cute enough to pair with jeans for an afternoon of pie baking, and edgy enough to tuck into a black skirt for a flirty date night? We say nowhere. Keep on keepin’ on, plaid. You rock.


The varsity sweater



Need a preppy edge in your life? Or just something cozy to throw on that doesn’t look totally sloppy when you’re running the kids to school, and then one to soccer, another one to a friend’s house and – oh yeah – gotta figure out dinner! Whew. Enter the varsity sweater.

So the one above is technically a sweatshirt, but it’s super cute all the same. And that’s the beauty of the varsity sweater – there’s so many out there with different styles that you can find a hundred ways to complement your wardrobe. But the one thing that never changes? Those downright adorable stripes.


Have we given you enough reasons to get shopping at South Moon Under yet? See you there this weekend! We’ll be the one clutching the leather accents in the boots department.