Oct 10

so excited ted’s bulletin is OPEN!

so excited ted’s bulletin is OPEN!

One word, ya’ll: poptarts.

They’re here. (!!). They’re real. They’re delicious.

Yup, that’s right – Ted’s Bulletin officially opened for business at Mosaic on Monday. And we are pretty darn excited about the whole thing.

Can you even believe the spate of openings we’ve had recently?! We can’t – it seems like every time we turn around, there’s a new place to explore at Mosaic. It feels fresh and exciting, which we love! But at the same time, it’s a familiar space, because, above all else, Mosaic is a community. It’s a neighborhood. And Ted’s fits right into that feeling.

When you think of Ted’s, we hope you think of classic comfort food. Especially classic breakfast comfort food. Their burgers, sandwiches and lite bites (the fried pretzel sticks with an out-of-this-world cheese dipping sauce are worth sharing) are consistent home runs. And then there are the milkshakes. Ohhhhhh, the milkshakes. They took childhood classics and added booze – no, really. REALLY.  It’s one of the greatest combinations since Hall met Oates.


We saved the best for last, though. Their homemade poptarts are the stuff of legend – for good reason. Perfectly flaky, coated in sprinkles, with a variety of fillings (strawberry! blueberry! pecan pie! brown sugar! peanut butter bacon!) these treats are downright addicting.

So mosey on over to Ted’s. Sit in the expansive dining room, or grab a seat at the window bar that looks out over Strawberry Park. Check out the gorgeous green marble detail on the walls.

But whatever you do, don’t split a poptart. You’re going to want the whole thing for yourself.