Oct 4

weekend reading: instant health tweaks

weekend reading: instant health tweaks

Happy weekend, Glass Alley readers! We hope you’re having a good one.

Do you read Refinery29? It’s one of our favorite clicks on the web – filled with everything from fashion, beauty and home decor tips to hot takes on current events, celebrity culture and health and fitness. (Above image via Refinery29.com).

We stumbled across this great post about “tiny tweaks for an instant health makeover” and had to bookmark it. Small things we can do, with minimal stress, to make ourselves healthier? Sign us up!

Some of these we’ve already done (kicking that Splenda habit is one of the 2013 accomplishments we’re most proud of.). Some we plan to start immediately. Snacking smarter? That seems easy to do with a plan, a dedicated grocery trip – and some willpower.

Some of these we definitely struggle with. Get the proper amount of sleep? It’s been on our wish list for years.

Have a read and let us know what you think. Which of these do you do? Which do you plan to do? And which (if any) seem totally off base?

Happy weekend reading! See you Monday.