Nov 6

cozy up with some dolcezza hot chocolate

cozy up with some dolcezza hot chocolate

It’s that time of year, folks. The air has a little chill in it. Leaves are crispy and scattered on the ground. It’s extra hard to haul ourselves out of bed in the morning… and sometimes, we can see our breath in the air!

That time of year, indeed – time to cozy up with a warm, comforting dolcezza gelato beverage.

Let’s talk dolcezza for a second. They’re proooobably one of the coolest companies we’ve ever come across (we’re not biased, promise). They ace everything from gelato to sorbetto to pastries to coffee – and now, hot chocolate.


Let’s pause to appreciate that view. How adorable does the Yards Project look?

There’s nothing better than sitting inside Dolcezza, gazing out onto Mosaic and enjoying the view. Sometimes, though, we get distracted by what’s going on inside – the magic happening over at the barista counter.


You knew they rocked at coffee drinks. But did you also know their hot chocolate is seriously delicious, too?

…well, why wouldn’t it be? Everything dolcezza touches turns to edible, delicious gold. The hot chocolate is perfectly warmed, silky and just the right touch of chocolate-y. Not too soft and not too overpowering. You know what we mean.

So as the winds blow and the temp drops, do yourself – and your taste buds – a favor and take a little vacation in a dolcezza cup. You won’t be sorry.