Nov 13

getting creative with ah love oil

getting creative with ah love oil

Brace yourselves: the season of gift-giving is upon us. We don’t just mean holiday gifts – though those are intimidating, too. But ’tis also the season for host and hostess gifts, for “just because” gifts, for “they’re definitely getting me something so I guess I have to return the favor” gifts.


Luckily, Ah Love Oil & Vinegar has you covered for everyone from the friend-of-a-friend who’s hosting the cookie party to the in-laws who are bringing the whole family over for Christmas Eve. They’re unique and fun, cute and practical – and almost 99 percent of the time, delicious. (The other 1 percent is cookware. So it helps in aiding a delicious process).

First up? The elite Taste Collection at the top of the post. With two small extra-virgin olive oils and two barrel-aged balsamic vinegars, it’s a way to give those you care about a well-rounded sample of Ah Love’s goods.



Next: lavender salt. It’s a great way to add a different layer of seasoning to your favorite dishes – or spice up the rim of a margarita glass! Plus, it’s got purple color and comes in an adorable little mason jar.


Eat This spreads are probably some of the most delicious things we’ve ever tasted. With unique and flavorful blends that are twists on classic ingredients – like flamin’ raspberry, for example – the all-natural, sustainable jams and spreads are a feel-good, eat-good present. Bonus: their sampler set is one of Oprah’s favorite things!



The candles in Ah Love Oil are some of the best we’ve ever smelled – seriously. The one above, spiked cider, smells like your favorite cold-weather drink. We just want to buy all of them and sprinkle them throughout the house. Cinnamon all around!


Stay tuned for more gift ideas, tips and tricks throughout the holiday season – we’re so excited to launch them!

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