Nov 20

no-fuss thanksgiving sides [plus: pinterest!]

no-fuss thanksgiving sides [plus: pinterest!]

Buckle up, people. There’s no denying it any longer: Thanksgiving is just around the corner. In fact, it’s exactly one week away.

What’s that you say? You forgot that your sister-in-law tasked you with a side dish? Or perhaps you’re hosting, and didn’t remember to concentrate on anything but the turkey and the pumpkin pie? (Nobody forgets about the pumpkin pie.) Don’t worry. Breathe. We got you covered.

This week, Mosaic joined Pinterest, and we’re already having way too much fun with it. You should follow us over there for a lot of reasons – our sparkling wit, our witty banter… and the food & holiday boards that will have you covered for anything the upcoming season throws at you.

First things first, though – those tricky Thanksgiving sides. But you can relax. We scoured the web (scoured Pinterest, that is), and picked five no-fuss Thanksgiving sides that are a breeze. Whip them up, serve to delighted looks and sit back and bask in the glory of a successful holiday.

And the glory of pumpkin pie, too. Nobody forgets about the pumpkin pie.



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