Nov 11

[now listening] time for a holiday playlist

We know you might have some strong feelings about when holiday celebrations can begin. But for us, the itch to at least put on some seasonal tunes starts as soon as Halloween is in our rearview mirrors. And with Merry & Bright Shopping Night this Saturday (make sure it’s on your calendars!), we figured it was about time to begin our holiday playlist.

We want to know your favorite tunes, too – but we’ll kick things off. And who better to take us into the holiday mindset than the diva of Christmas herself? Let it rip, Mariah…

And we love to pull out our Michael Buble holiday CD while we’re decorating, baking (and cleaning) before the first big event of the season! Something about his smooth tunes convinces us that the best season of the year is, in fact, here.

Would it even be the holidays without the master of the season himself? Bing Crosby may have come on the scene for our grandparents, but he’s got staying power – this is a must-play for us every year.

Last but not least, who says you can’t laugh (a lot) in your holiday playlist, too?! That’s why we have to include this [PG-13] Adam Sandler ditty.


What’s on the top of your holiday rotation? ‘Tis (almost) the season!


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