Nov 8

salon nordine takes you from desk to drinks

salon nordine takes you from desk to drinks

Happy weekend! Today in guest posts, the team over at Salon Nordine put together a tip sheet of how to take your hairstyle from desk to drinks. We love it! And don’t forget to check our their first birthday party on Nov. 20 – a chance to see the pros put these tips into action!


Taking Your Look from Day to Night – Expert Style Tips from Salon Nordine


In the seven to 30 seconds it takes to make a first impression, your hairstyle tells a lengthy story – are you classic or fashion-forward, meticulous or spontaneous, conservative or daring?

Salon Nordine has some tips on how to easily transition your hair from work-appropriate to soft and approachable for cocktails – while embracing the 2014/15 runway trends.  Here we share the tools and tricks of the trade to look the part at work and quickly change it up without having to lug a suitcase full of hair tools to the office.

What we saw on the runways for Fall 2014 was a nod to the natural. Trends embraced texture and largely looked very #Iwokeuplikethis. Some of the hair highlights included old world braids, windswept updos, mixed textures, mermaid waves, gold details, ornate pony tales and flowers in the hair.

While the trends lean toward tousled and beachy, work appropriate hair will always look more “done”.    Here are our easy suggestions for going from polished to approachable.

Tools of the trade:

  • Bobbi pins – try painting some in fun colors and throw a few in an old tic tac case for easy keeping
  • Travel size medium hold hair spray – We like Sebastian’s Shaper Zero Gravity
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Teaser comb

Smart casual

Desk: The Ballet Bun. This classic looks exceedingly polished.  To achieve, pull hair back into a sleek high ponytail. Brush the strands so they’re smooth and tangle-free. Grab the base of the ponytail, below the elastic, with your left hand. Take your right hand and bring the ponytail around, making a loop. Pull the tail end through the loop to create a loose knot. Fold the loose ends of the tail around the bun and secure with bobby pins. Smooth all fly-aways against head by misting with hair spray and using fingers to flatten.

Drinks: To go out, convert your sleek bun to its cool-girl cousin, the messy top-knot.  There is no need for a bun filler or a sock – just remove ballet bun but keep hair in pony tail, thoroughly tease the hair and just twist around the elastic, then secure the ends around the elastic.  You should only need 3 bobby pins.


Desk: The low braided bun. This chic look is great for longer hair. It is easily accomplished and easily converted.  First, part hair in center or on the side and flat iron your hair.  Then pull back into a low ponytail and braid the ponytail.  Mist the braid with hair spray, then wrap the braid around the elastic and secure with bobby pins.  Smooth fly-aways all around with a bit of hair spray spritzed on your fingers.

Drinks: To go out, just take hair down, spritz again with hair spray and scrunch to enhance the natural messy wave left from the braid.


Desk: Polished waves.  This is a great option for shorter hair that proves bobbi pins are every girl’s best friend.  Recreate a runway trend by painting a few gold (with a gold metallic marker).  Use a large barrel curling iron or a wave iron to create loose waves throughout your hair. First, deep side part your hair and curl away from your face, then alternate curl patterns in back. Last place 3 gold bobbi pins (ridged-side down) in a row to tuck back bangs on side of your head just above the eyebrow.

Drinks: Remove bobbi pins; hold your head upside down and use a boar bristle brush on the underside of your hair to add volume; scrunch hair and sprits with hair spray to reactivate waves.


Thanks, Salon Nordine team!