Nov 18

thanks for helping us start the party!

thanks for helping us start the party!

Merry and Bright was super fun, if we do say so ourselves. The night of shopping specials, treats, light bites and Mosaic surprises was the best way we can imagine kicking off Merry Mosaic.

Thanks for coming out to celebrate with us! We hope you had as great of a time as we did. How could you not, when the great ladies of the Junior League of Northern Virginia were on hand spreading holiday cheer? (Above).

Here’s what we thought were some of the evening’s highlights…


^^^ Meeting the olive oil maker at Ah Love Oil & Vinegar! Dino from Laconiko Olive Oil was in the store, pouring, sharing and giving us an inside look at what makes his family’s product so delicious. We couldn’t stop tasting!


^^^ The windows around Mosaic are starting to come alive with the holiday spirit! The one above is over at Hip to be Round, and it’s so cozy and festive, we want to move in. That grey-and-black dress on the left is super cute, too. Hey, Hip to be Round – can we hang out in your store all day?



^^^ It was Dawn Price Baby’s 10-year anniversary! Time flies when you’re having a lot of adorable fun. They ran specials and orchestrated surprises all day long. We’re so happy to see one of our favorite shopping destinations hit double digits. Congratulations, team!



^^^ Anthropologie had apple cider and some really (really) good red velvet mini cupcakes. We nabbed one. Or two… (hey, shopping requires refueling!).



^^^ Artisan Confections was a must-stop for us Saturday. In addition to offering discounts on holiday orders, they were sampling all of their new holiday flavors. We really, honestly couldn’t pick a favorite. Which probably means we’re going to have to eat all of them. Multiple¬†times.


SO, thanks for coming out to celebrate with us! We look forward to seeing you for the rest of Merry Mosaic.


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