Nov 22

thanksgiving farmer’s market

thanksgiving farmer’s market

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone curated a one-stop shop for all things Thanksgiving? Imagine it: a place where you can go and check it all off your list. The turkey. The stuffing ingredients. The cranberry sauce (canned or homemade – we’re not getting in the middle of that debate). The rolls. The veggies. The pie.

Well, actually, the pies, because we’ve never met one we didn’t like. And who wants just one kind of pie on their Thanksgiving table?

But wait! There’s more to consider! Centerpieces – with the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, do you want to be the only one left standing without social media-swoon-worthy decor? And condiments, too, should be represented, jazzing up the table in their little glass jars.

Yeah. It sounds exhausting. So a one-stop shop would be nice. And luckily for you, the good people at Central Farm Markets are making our wildest Turkey Dreams come true.

Don’t miss the THANKSGIVING FARM MARKET,  tomorrow from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. It’s not only our last farmer’s market of the year (sad) (back in the spring!), but it’s a veritable Thanksgiving paradise.

See you there? Pssst… don’t forget the ingredient list for some of our no-fuss Thanksgiving sides!


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