Dec 22

Gypsy Soul’s feast of the seven fishes

Gypsy Soul’s feast of the seven fishes

Have you heard of the Christmas Eve tradition that is the Feast of the Seven Fishes?

The tradition started in Naples and Sicily, according to the International Business Times. After Catholics fasted in anticipation of the birth of the baby Jesus on Christmas Day, their fast would be officially broken by receiving Holy Communion at Christmas Eve mass – usually during Midnight Mass, which takes place during the transition from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.

However, “Cena della Vigilia,” or the traditional Christmas Eve dinner, happened during the fast. Since Catholics can’t eat meat while they’re fasting, tradition has it that those observing in the Naples and Sicily regions began to eat a dinner of seven different types of fish on Christmas Eve. Some believe that seven stands for the number of sacraments in the Catholic faith; others think there are seven different types of fish because Catholicism teaches that God took seven days to create the earth.

The dinner has become a cherished tradition for many Italians, and is a time to gather with their families and celebrate the holiday.

Gypsy Soul will be serving up its own seven fishes dinner this Christmas season -with a little bit of a spin!

Join Chef Cooper and his staff on Christmas Eve for their Seven {Redneck} Fishes dinner, starting at 5:30. The Gypsy Soul team will serve up an eclectic mix of fish and seafood dishes from the Chesapeake region, blending the Italian tradition with the restaurant’s respect for and commitment to local and seasonal sourcing.

Reservations are now available – so don’t delay! It’s a perfect opportunity to make a new, adventurous tradition this holiday season.