Dec 27

healthy leftover recipes – yes! they exist.

So, who else among us way overindulged this week. So much cookies and candy. And wine and cheese. Please don’t get us started on the carbohydrates.


And because work – and the real world – and pants other than stretchy, forgiving yoga pants are coming, it’s probably time to address what and how we’ve been eating. Time to up the fruit and veggie intake, for one. And cook some healthy meals, for two. But wait – peek in your fridge. Does it look like ours? Chock-full of leftovers?

Did you hear that? It was our best intentions for a healthy food revamp, coming to a screeching halt.

UNTIL NOW. We scoured Pinterest (seriously, are you following us yet? Come say hello!) and found four great recipes for some healthy and delicious meals, made out of our leftovers. Game, set, match.

See you soon, skinny jeans.