Dec 6

[merry mosaic] easy wreath DIY

[merry mosaic] easy wreath DIY

Let’s get a warning out of the way quickly. This isn’t a fancy DIY. It won’t win any awards, and it probably won’t vault into the Pinterest Hall of Fame. But it is really (really!) easy. And it’s a fun craft that even the littlest holiday lovers can use to help decorate the house. Plus, it ensures that any holiday supplies you may have bought doesn’t go to waste. So bear with us on the relative simplicity of this craft, because even the easiest of DIYs can be pretty fun.

After we finished wrapping our presents, we had odd ends of ribbon left over. You know – just a little bit left of certain colors, too much of others. Too small to wrap any more boxes, or too different from the remaining wrapping paper to form a good color scheme.

Normally, we’d just have to throw these remnants out. But earlier this week, we were stuck inside, staring out at the cold, drizzly rain, with some young ones who were losing patience with the whole situation. So¬†instead, we decided to DIY some wreaths to hang around the house.

First things first – we snagged this wreath (it’s fake) for just four bucks. Don’t break the bank on this DIY, guys. Target could have some good alternatives for you. (Maybe even in the dollar section!)



Our wreath had a wire frame on the back, so we used that to anchor our first pick for decorating – some silver tinsel.

Once we had it tied on, we wrapped the tinsel evenly around the wreath in a diagonal pattern. Then, we picked our second color – a white satin ribbon – and did the same. Because we had less white to work with, it covered less surface area. Lesson learned here? Make the ribbon you have less of the “accent color.” (#pro).




Left with a weird five or six inches of one of those wide decorative ribbons? Why not staple together a quick accent for the wreath!? Get crazy here! You could even toss in a cutesy gift tag if you’re feeling¬†really adventurous.

(Little fingers may need help with this part.)



We glued the homemade decoration to the wreath and there we had it – a homemade seasonal accent.

It’s not the most perfect wreath we’ve ever seen (it probably wouldn’t sell on Etsy, that’s for sure), but it’s nice to have a touch of something homemade to have around the house during the holidays.

Ribbon remnants, no more!