Dec 4

[merry mosaic] festive holiday wrapping tips

[merry mosaic] festive holiday wrapping tips

Recently, we swung through Paper Source  and nabbed some supplies for the holiday season. Wrapping paper, tags, ribbons and decorative touches – everything found its way into our bag.

We tend to feel the pressure during the holiday season. Pressure for many things: to host with ease, dress perfectly, find the most appropriate (and best-loved) gifts, and then wrap those gifts in a manner that wouldn’t look out of place in a Martha magazine.

Luckily for us, one member of our team is a serious wrapper. If there was a contest for wrapping gifts, we’d enter her – and she’d probably take first. So a few days ago, we had her wrap up a few gifts for us, and then pass her tips along to you!

(PS – if you’d rather outsource, the Junior League of Northern Virginia will be at Mosaic during the holiday season with a gift wrapping station!)

Here you go – the Mosaic guide to gift-wrapping

First: assemble your wrapping goodies.


1. Measure the box within the paper before cutting. Ensure you’ll have enough to cover the box. But don’t cut too much paper, which can make your folds bulky.





2. Create a clean edge by folding the middle of the paper inward once, before wrapping the box lengthwise. The paper should only overlap by a few inches. Be sure to leave equal amount of paper on both ends.


3. Flip over to the shorter ends of the box. Fold the paper inward on the two vertical sides, and then make two triangle points on the horizontal sides.




4. Bring the triangle flaps of the paper up and into the center of the box end to make a point. Seal with tape.



5. Repeat on the other side of the box. Be sure you’re making crisp, clear folds.


6. Decorate – add ribbons, tags and other decorations! Have fun with it!





Happy wrapping!

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