Dec 15

[merry mosaic] holiday survival guide

[merry mosaic] holiday survival guide

The holiday season can run you ragged if you’re not careful – and leave you feeling pretty exhausted! The other challenge? A to-do list that never seems to end also gets in the way of our gym time. It’s hard to justify heading to work out when all you can think about are the tasks left unfinished.

But if you don’t take care of yourself, the holiday season will seem even longer!

Luckily, our friends at Women’s Health Magazine put together a Holiday Survival Guide that we’re seriously digging. Everything in there is worth a deep dive, but we’ve picked a few of our favorite articles below:


  • A holiday workout plan: because looking good is the best way to feel confident when your annoying aunt has a few too many – and throws a few too many ill-timed jokes your way.



  • Healthy dessert options for the holidays! Is it magic? Nah, just some pants-saving food.


Keep your sneakers laced and your motivation high – you can do this!

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