Dec 30

new year’s eve outfits – from your closet!

new year’s eve outfits – from your closet!

New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, and we’ve got mixed feelings about it. Some years, all we want to do is throw on a sparkly, pretty dress, grab a glass of champagne, and dance the night away. Other years, our yoga pants sound more appealing than heels, and sleeping through the ball dropping is our idea of paradise.

This year, we’re kinda in camp two – desperately seeking parties that allow dressing for comfort. But we realize that’s not always an option. And here we are, with a day to go, and nothing to wear. Seriously. Except for all those clothes bursting out of our closet.

So we plunged into the Mosaic Pinterest and found some outfit options that you can pull from the tried-and-true ringers in your closet. We’re guessing you can find the components to one or two (or all) of these. So relax, grab that fancy cocktail you effortlessly whipped up, and get on your party clothes. Or sleep through midnight. We won’t judge.



//one// and //two// are options for any girl lucky enough to have a sequin skirt in her closet. Keep it cozy, like Lacey, with a long-sleeve shirt and statement scarf. Or, if you’ll be in one (warm) place all night, add a basic black tank on top. You’re done!

//three// is for the super laid-back, casual New Year’s Eve – but one that you still want to look cute for. There’s a ton we’re digging about this look from Last Call Studio: the comfy boyfriend jeans, sassy cut-out heels, and the mix of a snakeprint top with a leather jacket. Plus, that pink pop of color is the perfect finish for the look. You can do this easily, too! Just grab your favorite jeans and black booties, find a fun blouse, and throw a leather jacket or black blazer on top of it all. You’ve got enough time to order that pregame pizza now, too.

//four// is a dressy option for those of you who don’t want to pull out a short, tight dress – or are heading to a semi-dressy event where an outfit like that wouldn’t be appropriate. Anthropologie nails this not-trying-too-hard look. Find your favorite, looks-so-killer pair of work pants. Add the most gorgeous blouse in your closet. And scene.


Whatever you decide to do on New Year’s Eve, we hope you have a fantastic one. And here’s to 2015 – we think it’s going to be your best year yet!


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