Dec 31

new year’s resolutions – made easy

Ugh, we know – resolutions. Anybody keep theirs last year?

We’re happy to say that we actually kept some of our resolutions for 2014! Not all of them, but hey, baby steps, right? The thing that seemed to make the difference for us from years past was actually pretty simple. We wrote the resolutions down. By hand. The old-fashioned way.

Then, we kept them where it made the most sense for us. Some of us slipped a folded list of resolutions into our wallet, where we could read them daily, or weekly. Others taped it to a planner, or a wall in their bedroom. But something about physically writing down the goals we were setting, and then keeping them in an easily accessible place, made a difference for us.

Interested in trying that approach? We made a printable for you to use. Print the below image, jot down a few thoughts, and step into 2015 fully prepared.

We believe in you! See ya next year.


Glass Alley