Dec 26

weekend happenings 12.26.14

weekend happenings 12.26.14

Happy day-after-Christmas! If you celebrated yesterday, we hope your leftovers are plentiful, your presents perfect … and your naps frequent.

It’s going to be a quiet weekend around here! But there’s still a few things happening. Check them out below, and head out to one or more with the family if you’re all feeling a little stir-crazy.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Glass Alley

  • Angelika got a whole new roundup of movies on Christmas Day! Grab tickets to one (or two), kick back and relax. Maybe even bring some wine into the theater – that concession stand isĀ no joke.


  • Need to work off a little holiday over-indulgence? Head to the Mosaic Mile – we’ve mapped out a route for you.


  • South Moon Under’s winter sale is here! 25 percent off sale will definitely take the edge off the post-holiday blues.