Jan 13

#getfit: gear inspiration

#getfit: gear inspiration

We’ve told you that this season at Mosaic, we’re focusing on overall wellness. And a big part of that is exercise – taking care of your body by working it out and getting fit, in whatever way moves you. From running the Mosaic Mile to grabbing a class at Spark – or to exploring some of the fitness options we have coming soon! – there’s a lot of options here to help you #GetFit.

We get it, though. Sometimes it’s really hard to get motivated. Especially when there are dreary days like yesterday (icy rain on a Monday, really?!). The last thing we want to do on those days is anything that involves leaving our couch.

So how do we cure that? It sounds just a little shallow, but… investing in workout gear that makes us happy is pretty key. And we’re not just talking pretty-looking clothes (though that is definitely important, too!), but in the right gear. For example? After starting to run in earnest – and completing what is hopefully the first of many half marathons – we ponied up for a really good foam roller. Holy cow, is it helpful.

^ the leg saver.

^ the leg saver.

So we headed on over to our Pinterest page and rounded up some inspiration for gear that looks good, feels good – and gets you moving.

We hope this helps your motivation – see you out there!



//one// Oh, Spark Yoga. Your brightly colored rainbow of a boutique makes us so happy. Step one on starting a fitness routine? Stock up on all the gear you’ll need: from yoga mats to free weights.


//two// Think you can’t workout outside this winter? Think again! We’re addicted to running outdoors when the temps have dropped – you never overheat. The key to remember is layer, layer, layer – and Athleta is showing us how it’s done! It’s important to keep your head covered, and your core extra-insulated. Vests are a great in-between.


//three// First of all, Pink Pistachios has the ultimate workout partner in this picture. Can we agree? We’re also digging her cute water bottle (who said proper hydration had to be boring?) and the fun colors on her gear. While basic black may be tempting, we like to branch out in our fitness outfits. Sometimes, it’s the extra boost of happiness we need to lace up those sneakers!


//four// Seriously digging a lot about this look from Hello Fashion Blog. Prints and patterns on fitness apparel are the keys to our hearts, we’re telling you. But the best (and most functional) part of this look is the neon. If you’re working out outside in the winter, it could get dark, quickly. Make sure people can see you!

What’s on your #GetFit must-have list? Lace up those sneaks!

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