Jan 10

inside sophie blake’s studio

inside sophie blake’s studio

*photo by Washingtonian Magazine

You’ve checked out the Sophie Blake and Erika Schrieber Pop-up Shop, right? If not, you should get in there ASAP. It’s quickly becoming one of our favorite places in Mosaic! Filled with gorgeous design, it’s like an oasis of style. A really, really chic oasis.

But wait – it gets better. Did you know that Sophie Blake lives in a townhouse at Mosaic? And even better, that’s where she designs all of her jewelry.

Washingtonian Magazine recently peeked inside Sophie’s studio for its DC Designer Spotlight, and talked to her a little bit about the process and inspiration behind all of her amazing products. We’ve excerpted some of the blurbs below, but you should click through and read the whole thing – we love ya, Sophie!


“Where do you source your materials?

I’m always on the lookout for unique vintage components and stones so I have several vendors I work with both online and in New York to find interesting and unique pieces. All my pieces are handcrafted and produced in New York City.

How has your work evolved over time?

I think my pieces are becoming more complex in construction. I am always trying to push the design limits while keeping a balanced form; the pieces have to be wearable and versatile. I am also starting to use a lot more fine metals. I’ve always wanted to do work with sterling, gold, and semiprecious stones.

You used to be based in New York. How have you found designing in DC to be different?

I was very pleasantly surprised with Washington. There is definitely a fashion scene, and the community of artists, photographers, and designers—while smaller then New York—is much more welcoming and intimate. I enjoy watching DC evolve.”