Jan 21

olive oil – kind of magic?

olive oil – kind of magic?

We’re focusing on health and wellness this season at Mosaic – and we’re really getting into embracing all of the different ways you can bring wellness into your life. One such way? Nutrition and mindful eating, which is actually way easier than it sounds.

We love embracing foods that are both sourced locally and in season. “Eating the rainbow” of fruits and veggies makes us look and feel good, and with the rise of Pinterest, there’s no shortage of truly delicious recipes out there that use all of nature’s best ingredients. But sometimes, a bit of the health gets lost along the way during our preparation process. So we’ve revamped our kitchen, and we’re focusing on stocking only the best cooking aids – like olive oil.

Does the word “oil” give you pause? Not all of them are created equally! We checked in with our friends at Ah Love Oil and Vinegar, and they tuned us into the many (many) benefits behind their favorite golden liquid.



Olive Oil – and your health

That’s right, simply adjusting what kind of oil you’re cooking with can make a big difference to your health. Everyone over at Ah Love tells us that Mediterranean cultures have used olive oil for years to combat things like an upset stomach, for earaches and cramps – and even as a natural hangover kicker. (Sign us up for that!).


Olive Oil – and your skin

Some of the really great things olive oil does for your skin: locks in moisture, softens and smooths. Sounding tempting during this harsh winter? We agree. Did you know that Ah Love has its own extra virgin skin care line? There’s so many other great ways to use olive oil as a skin care treat – cuticle care, lip exfoliant (when mixed with a little sea salt), and chapped hand care. Go ahead – treat yourself!


Got any creative uses for olive oil – or any great recipes? Let us know!


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