Feb 17

2015 healthy hacks

Hey, everyone? How ya’ll doing? Snowed in? Us, too.

We’re bundling up (two pairs of socks are just the right amount of cozy in our book), grabbing a steaming cup of coffee and preparing for a day inside. Oh, and trying to talk ourselves away from the snack cabinet.

What is it about being snowed in that makes us want to eat, well, everything in the house? We’ve been working on staying fit in the new year – and while we’re well into 2015, this is one goal we’re sticking with.

But we get that it’s a work in progress. That’s why we were so excited to see Glitter Guide  round up a list of five easy tips & recipes that make maintaing a fit lifestyle a breeze.

image via Glitter Guide

image via Glitter Guide


Check them out below – and make sure you read the whole post at Glitter Guide. 

Good luck being snowed in! We’ll see you after we dig out.


Glitter Guide’s 5 tips & recipes to make staying fit a breeze:

  • Hydrate! “Staying hydrated will help your skin, but also your waistline.”


  • Build a better salad. “Having a base of leafy greens fills you up with less calories and more nutrition.”


  • Up your protein intake. “Protein boosts how satisfied you are after eating, so mix it up!”


  • Snack smarter. “Pair complex carbs that are good for you—like fruits, veggies or whole grains—with healthy fats, like nuts or avocado or a protein.”


  • #TreatYoself – the right way. “Be picky and only buy your favorite—or the absolute best you can get—of a ‘treat’ product.”