May 22

weekend happenings 5.22.15

Happy MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! It’s one of our favorites of the year. First of all, any three-day weekend is good – really, really good – in our books. Secondly, we can tap into the white section of our closet again. Although we don’t always abide by that rule. So.

But lastly, and most importantly, Memorial Day weekend always feels kind of alive with possibility. It’s the beginning of summer, in a way. It feels like sunshine and pools, burgers and popsicles, flags and laughter. We hope you have wonderful plans that involve being outdoors, applying sunscreen and surrounding yourself with friends and family. We hope it means that you’ll be laughing and smiling so hard all weekend that your sides and cheeks will hurt.


Us? We’ll be doing the same. And probably over-indulging in some food & drink like any good three-day weekend means. So here’s to outdoor cooking, cold drinks and a never-ending playlist of whatever kind of music is your happy place.

In case you need inspiration for the upcoming weekend, we’ve rounded up some goodies below. Have fun in the sunshine – we’ll see you next week!

  • The GI Film Festival is at Angelika this weekend, and brings with it a whole host of movies and events that celebrate our troops. The perfect Memorial Day weekend activity, we think.


  • Cartoons and Coffee comes back for the second weekend – it’s here all summer! Grab the kids and your favorite morning drink, we’ll see you in Strawberry Park.


  • Seeking the freshest ingredients for that MDW cookout? Stock up at Sunday’s Mosaic farm market.




Have a WONDERFUL weekend.


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