Sep 30

Where the Obamas should celebrate their anniversary

Brine at Mosaic, Fairfax, Virginia
Just a short ride from the city in the Mosaic District, Urbana and Bourbon Steak vet John Critchley is deftly showcasing the sea’s harvest. Since Travis Croxton of Rappahannock River Oysters owns the eatery, the Obamas are practically required to kick off their meal with a seafood platter featuring the locally raised bivalves, along with clams, ceviche, and shrimp. Caviar is optional, but worth the splurge. A primo pasta choice is the briny plankton bucatini spiced with chili threads and fortified with clams and ham. The Asian-accented yellowfin carpaccio (pictured) comes with an impressive looking puffed tendon, which is basically a giant pork rind. The selection of freshly caught fish may be of interest to the Obamas, especially Michelle, who has a history of ordering everything from halibut to sake-cured cod over her time dining around D.C.