Nov 19

weekly reads

Hello from a dreary, drizzly Thursday!

There’s a whole lot going on over the next few weeks. Or, you know, the next week – can you even believe that Thanksgiving is almost here? We can’t – it seems like we’re left scrambling every year, assigning the plans for pies and sides and salads with only a few days to spare.

Those of you who are super organized – we salute you. How do you do it?



One thing we are good at? Finding some cool reads on the Internet. Not that it’s difficult – there’s tons of great stories, tips & tricks out there.

This series is rapidly becoming one of our favorites to write! Are you enjoying it, too? Let us know if you have any suggestions for a #goodread – we’re always looking for input.



  • Over on the Glitter Guide, they partnered with Framebridge to bring you advice on the best of finishing home decor touches – the gallery wall.




  • This last one isn’t a read, but it’s beautifully moving. The husband of a woman killed in the Paris attacks addresses her attackers, promising them they will never have his hate.