Jan 28

weekly reads

It’s time for our favorite part of the week – a round-up of the best things to read that we’ve stumbled across on the Internet. Fashion, business, sports, inspiration… it’s all here!

As an aside, how’s your snow status? We’ve been trying to keep things clear and under control all week. And then rewarding ourselves after hours (upon hours) of shoveling with a glass of wine. It’s all about balance, right?

We’re not sure if it’s the snow, or the shoveling, or work that piled up when we were playing in the snow (whoops), but we. are. exhausted. Just so tired! All we really want to do is grab something good to read, a blanket, and relax. You, too? We’re here to help.


(ideal eats during a reading binge, via LPQ)

(ideal eats during a reading binge, via LPQ)



  • Speaking of fashion, Northern Virginia Magazine talked a little bit about the fashion scene around our community. Two people that got special shout-outs? Mosaic faves Erika Schrieber & Sophie Blake!



  • Do you know about Katie Nolan? The host of Fox Sports 1’s “Garbage Time” is a fearless voice in the sports world – and a total breath of fresh air. The Boston Globe Magazine published a great profile on her this week.


  • Post-blizzard, only women showed up to run the Senate. Who run the world? Washington Post.


  • And your feel-good of the week : dancer that lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombings is gearing up to run the race. ESPN.


Happy reading!