Feb 11

weekly reads

We can’t believe it either, but somehow it’s already Thursday again. Which means it’s time for us to round up the best of the Internet’s reading material this week – you deserve a nice long list of cool content to dive into.

Grab your Cabernet or your hot chocolate – these reads are equally good with either taste. But above all else, keep warm – we’re sincerely not happy about this cold snap.



  • This list calls out 30 wardrobe staples to own by age 30, but we think they’re just wardrobe staples, period. And they’re good ones to stock up on. (Elle). 


  • A visual analysis of the Beatles. Yes, please. (Dueling Data). 


  • A giant study finds that companies with female leaders are more profitable – anyone that runs a household will be simply smiling and nodding in agreement. (QZ).


  • Remember Ghostbusters II? It said Valentine’s Day 2016 was going to be the end of the world. Uh oh. (Washington Post).


  • Picking perfume out for others can be tricky – so it’s a good thing we have an expert on our hands! Arielle Weinberg, of Arielle Shoshana, spoke about her boutique to WTOP. (WTOP Living). 



Happy reading!