Jul 21

weekly reads

Wine-N-Cheese[1]It’s going to be a hot one, folks. We’re looking at 100+ degrees – which, come on, how is that even fair? Time to stock up on water, sunscreen, hats (and maybe an ice-cold glass of Chardonnay. Or two.)

Yeah, we’re already looking ahead to the weekend. Something about the summer makes the workdays feel longer and the temptation to play hooky feel much stronger. That’s why we’ve started to so look forward to our evenings. They’re a perfect chance to unwind – a great way to ease out of our stressful days.

One of our favorite weekend rituals has become settling in with some good reads to peruse. And in case you’d like to join us, you’re in luck! We’re rounding up our weekly favorites here.

Happy reading!

  • Did you know the gender gap in start-ups disappear when women invest in businesses? Aw, yeah. Harvard Business Review


  • “Running saved me from homelessness” – a truly incredible charity. NY Post


  • Do you eat like a Democrat or a Republican? Time to find out! Time Politics


  • The woman behind bringing healthy foods to schools and improving our kids’ diets : one pizza at a time. The M Dash