Nov 17

Three Guilt-Free Snack Options

snackhack_apple2With the holidays coming up, we’re trying to lighten our diets and head into the season with the best nutrition possible. But we also love snacking! (And sometimes, on manic days, it’s totally necessary).

We’ve found some hacks for healthy snacking, and plan on working these three into our rotation ASAP. Do you have any good recipes to share?

This plate of nachos is finger-licking good. One of our favorite parts of a plate of nachos is the satistfying crunch, and this recipe for apple nachos from Trial and Eater does the trick. Some sliced apples drizzled with peanut butter and some chocolate is a sweet, indulgent treat that we can feel good about.

When our cravings stray to the saltier side, all we really want are some fries and ketchup. So we so excited to find this recipe for cauliflower tots from Skinnytaste. With a side of dipping sauce, it’s the sort of snack we’d happily eat for an entire meal.

snackhack_squashchipsRaise your hand if you’re guilty of mindlessly crunching on chips… us, too! It’s our favorite snacks to have on hand while we’re unwinding from the day, and grabbing a quick bite before we prep dinner. But all that saturated fat and fried food can add up – which is why we were so excited to find Create Mindfully’s recipe for salt & vinegar squash chips.