Fit4Mom Workouts

FIT4MOM FCVF gives you more than just a workout. Our Village is a safe place where you can get a workout in, with your kids in tow. A place you can refill your cup and focus on YOU. A place that builds community and friendships for you and your littles with after-class playgroups, coffee dates, Mom’s Night Out, and so much more!

Stroller Barre® by FIT4MOM FCVF

Stroller Barre® is a 60-minute stroller workout that improves your posture, stability, and mobility while strengthening your body from the inside out! Reconnect with your body, increase flexibility, and find the inner strength you need for motherhood.

Strides 360® by FIT4MOM FCVF

Increase your endurance and speed to sprint through mom life with Strides 360! Come play with your mom friends, with or without the stroller, during this 60-minute heart-pumping workout that will energize you for the rest of your day!

Stroller Strides® by FIT4MOM FCVF

Stroller Strides® is a 60-minute total-body workout with strength, cardio, and core training, all while engaging the little ones in a stroller! You’ll leave class feeling strong, empowered, connected, and energized—no matter your stage of motherhood.

We meet in Strawberry Park in front of Mom & Pop.

As always, your first class is free!