Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk is a non-profit community listening project bringing the power of storytelling and human connection to the DC area.  What began as the brainchild of two San Francisco based therapists, has grown into a national movement for better listening, more compassion, and less stigma around mental health.  Group Therapy Associates, a Northern Virginia based psychotherapy practice, is honored to be the DC metro area coordinator bringing Sidewalk Talk DC to life. 

How does Sidewalk Talk work?  Trained listeners will be set up with chairs to welcome anyone who’d like to talk.  You are welcome to sit and talk about anything and everything.  Although many of our volunteer listeners are psychotherapists, this is not street therapy.  It’s an opportunity to connect with someone, be heard, and be reminded that you and your story matters.  Our primary mission is to share the power of compassionate listening so that you are encouraged and inspired to listen more and bridge the gaps that divide our community.

Everyone has a story to tell… Stop by Mosaic to find us ready to listen to yours!  Consider becoming a volunteer listener as well, and let someone be heard by you.  Visit to learn more about our mission and how to become a volunteer or sponsor.