A Space for the Modern Family

Not just a children’s play space, Nook is a blended play and learning experience for the modern family. At Nook we believe there is no other phase in your family’s life more special than this one: from the excitement and trepidation of pregnancy, and the disorienting high and lows of baby’s first year, to the rapid-fire succession of toddler and preschool milestones. So we set out to create a space that celebrates, values, and supports the entire family throughout this extraordinary time.

Nook offers a calming, sensory-friendly space to engage in play-based learning. The play space is divided into several different “nooks”, each with its own play theme, which change periodically throughout the year. The relaxed environment also extends to our classrooms, where we offer a range of classes, including music, art, Preschool Prep, and “Babble Buddies”. For parents and caregivers, Nook’s mission is to provide a space and community where you can not just survive, but thrive in this phase of life with little ones.

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