Clean Skin for a Radiant Life

From soap to LATHER, Pasadena-based beauty entrepreneur Emilie Davidson Hoyt has turned a small soap company into a brand that bathes in contentment with millions of people every day.

A serious migraine sufferer since childhood, Emilie grew up ultra-sensitive to her surroundings, especially the chemicals and fragrances found in most cosmetic brands. When her father brought back a lavender soap from a business trip, Emilie found it relieved some of her pain, and began placing it beneath her pillow at night to help her relax. It was with this discovery that Emilie gained an interest in natural, healing ingredients, and decided to create LATHER as an alternative to synthetically-based skin care brands on the market.

What started in 1999 as a small line of pure olive oil-based soaps quickly grew into a comprehensive collection of exfoliating body scrubs, hydrating body crèmes, results-oriented facial treatments, soothing bath gels, and aromatherapy candles.  LATHER’s dedication to using only the finest essential oils, vitamins, rare fruits and herbs – and never using synthetic fragrances or colors – is what makes it different.


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