Robot delivery with Uber Eats

You can now get your favorite meals from select Mosaic retail partners delivered to you by a robot. We’ve partnered with Cartken and Uber Eats to bring you convenience and deliciousness all in one.

As a connected and innovative retail and entertainment destination, Mosaic is proud to be the first to offer an autonomous robot delivery in the DC area.

How it works
Deliveries with a robot are very similar to your current process for ordering with Uber Eats. You will know whether you are matched with a robot or a human courier a few minutes before the order is ready.

Current Participating Restaurants
RASA, Colada Shop, District Dumplings, Our Mom Eugenia, Urbano, Pupatella, Jinya Ramen, Iron Chef House, Nandos Peri Peri and Bar Taco

Robot Delivery Hours
10:30 AM – 10 PM

Delivery area
We are currently running a pilot limited to certain areas of Mosaic and parts of the adjacent neighborhood. We plan to expand to a broader footprint within the neighborhood in the future.


Will robots be available for all orders with Uber Eats?
No. Uber will manage its hybrid marketplace, dispatching orders to human couriers and Cartken robots based on multiple factors to ensure we are always exceeding your expectations. In the future, Cartken will expand the robot fleet available to deliver orders.

How will I know when I’ve been matched with a robot?
After opting in to help Uber test orders for delivery with robots, you will be notified if you’ve been matched with a robot when your order is being picked up from the restaurant.

What is the delivery cost?
Your total cost will include the cost of food and applicable taxes and fees. No robot-specific fees will be added. Also if you add a tip, you will receive a refund.

What is the delivery time?
On average, the robots perform deliveries within 20 min.

Will I be able to opt out of robot deliveries (ex: if I’m unable to accept curbside delivery)?
Yes. You will be given the opportunity to opt out of a robot delivery if you prefer to have your items delivered by a courier. Your selection will be auto saved for future deliveries, but you can always opt back in if you change your mind.

Where can robots travel?
Cartken robots can travel anywhere a pedestrian can including sidewalks and crosswalks. They can also navigate the parking lots, building entrances, gates and driveways.

Are robots fully driverless?
Cartken robots are equipped with hardware and software to enable both automated operation and teleoperation capabilities on sidewalks and pedestrian pathways.

How fast can robots go?
They can go up to 6 mph, but normally travel at an average speed of 3 mph.

How much weight can robots carry?
Robots can carry up to 31 lbs and can fit around three bags.

Are robots safe for pedestrians?
Yes. Cartken robots move at a slow speed (avg of 3 mph) and weigh no more than 110 pounds. They can navigate around objects, people, animals and other robots. The robots are equipped with best-in-class sensors and cameras, which allow them to stop on a dime and choose routes that have the fewest hazards to avoid collisions. Additionally, a trained operator is monitoring the robots remotely every second they are in operation.

How can my restaurant participate in robot delivery?
Cartken robots operate through a partnership with Uber Eats. If you are interested in participating in the robot delivery program, please reach out to your Uber Eats account manager or email [email protected].

For more information, check out Cartken’s website and follow their social media for the latest updates (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).