Jan 27

let’s get ready for the big game

Something’s happening this Sunday. Something…. big. Something super, you might even say.

That’s right – Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. And we tend to wholeheartedly embrace this as a holiday (seriously, boss, can we have Monday off?), because even if you don’t like football, or just don’t like the two teams playing, you can probably find a reason to cozy up on a couch, grab a beer and eat some really good food. Who among us can’t?

So when we saw Honestly Yum’s recipe today for cheddar cheese and bacon stuffed pretzels we IMMEDIATELY added all of the ingredients to our grocery list. Sunday plans, made. With this cold and snowy (slushy?) weather outside, we may just practice making them a few days early. Nothing wrong with a little comfort food, right?

Check out the mouth-watering picture below, and then grab the recipe after the jump. Let’s go, team!

photo via honestlyyum.com

photo via honestlyyum.com


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