Mar 24

weekend happenings 3.23.17

Well, hello there! It’s been awhile since we chatted with you about what’s happening on a weekend at Mosaic – things have been hectic, and cold (they’re still cold!) and there has been a lot happening around here. And, of course, you know that, because you’re visiting us and helping make Mosaic a vibrant, energized neighborhood.…

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Jan 31

[solidcore] shakes – the good kind of pain as you #MoveAtMosaic

The first thing you notice upon walking into the [solidcore] studio is that it is beautiful. Rich wood paneling, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and the company’s signature blue hue create an instant oasis, at once soothing and inspiring. Dropping your bags off and heading into the bathroom to change, you notice that the floor there is covered…

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Jan 18

Clipping in at Zengo while you #MoveAtMosaic

Here are the opening stages of taking a class at Zengo Cycle : you walk in, and immediately realize how beautiful the studio is. Grab your water, clip into the bike, and notice that there’s a towel already on your handlebars and – wait – are those weights on your bike? Hold up, wasn’t this a…

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