Jan 3

spark yoga’s 30 day challenge

Hello! Happy weekend. (Although this whole week is a bit off, and has kind of felt like an extended weekend – right?).

So, about those resolutions. All of our boils down to one theme: just do what will make you more happy. That’s it. Simple. Eating better? Will help. Traveling? Will help. Being organized (eep)? Will help.

We can’t speak for you, though, but something that makes us feel happy – and relaxed, and confident, and ready to tackle anything – is getting regular exercise. Not always running marathons, but just moving. Doing something that’s not sitting at a desk, or in a car, or on a couch.

Are you trying to move more in the New Year, too? There’s a pretty cool way to do that happening at Mosaic. Spark Yoga is kicking off a 30-day yoga challenge. Yeah, you heard right. Thirty Days Of Yoga.


We know, we know – this can seem daunting. But think of it like a resolution boot camp. Push yourself for the next month, and you’re started a pattern for 2015. Habits are pretty tough to make, but doing something every day for thirty days? You’ve got yourself a habit.

It all kicked off today, with a vision board workshop. (We dig vision boards for pretty much any goal-making area of your life, by the way.) And from there, it only gets better.

The challenge? 30 classes in 30 consecutive days. Yoga, Pilates, Barre, yoga and weights – Spark has it all covered. All you need to do is show up.

And also? Their “surviving the challenge” instructions should be more like “surviving your hectic life” instructions. It’s good advice, whether you’re working out for 30 days or just trying to stay sane with all life throws at you. See?


Surviving the Challenge:

  • 6-8 hours (min.) of sleep every night
  • Start your day with warm water and lemon (thank you ayurvedic science!)
  • Increase your face value. Exfoliate and protect your 30-day glow with a sustainable cleaning routine.
  • Listen to your body and pace yourself!
  • Enjoy your experience. Celebrate every day!


So head on over to Spark’s page and get involved in this. And let us know – are you doing the challenge? We can’t wait to see the results!


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