Feb 3

just another Mosaic Monday [or Tuesday]

Hey all!

We are LOVING this post from The District Rebellion. 

They came and hung out in Mosaic and took in some of our favorite haunts – like Dolcezza in the Park, the Yards Project, Angelika, and – of course – that giant chess board.

“The Mosaic District brings an escape and an appropriate change of scenery to Northern Virginia. From completely hand-picked boutiques and restaurants, this area targets a consumer who is worldly and educated.

Our most favorite part about this place is the infamous Angelika Film Center! For those of you who are not familiar with what that is, allow us to fill you in. The Angelika Film Center opened in NYC’s Soho neighborhood in the late 80s. It is known for being one of the highest grossing art houses in the country, and for its cutting edge environment and latest technology. Angelika not only shows new releases, but old school flicks as well, AND they sell booze. OH YES. You heard us. The last time we were up there they were showing “The Goonies”. Can you imagine watching Sloth on a 50 foot screen? We can’t even elaborate on the magic!”


photo via The District Rebellion

photo via The District Rebellion