Feb 25

recipe: butternut squash lentil stew

You know we’re obsessed with all things sweetgreen. From their salads to wraps, sweet flow to soups, we can’t get enough of what they’re serving. (Is it lunchtime yet? We hear there’s a bowl of lentil stew with our name on it.)

Today, we’re reposting a recipe that originally appeared on sweetgreen’s blog – because in addition to creating delicious foods, they also make really awesome recipes. Or partner with food bloggers that do.

From their blog:

This season, we’re all about stews. As part of our winter recipe series, we challenged local DC food blogger Alexandra Dawson to create a stew using butternut squash, which we’re featuring on our winter menu.  Check out the recipe!

Who’s Alexandra?

Alexandra, a Washington, DC-based wellness warrior, has been a longtime friend of sweetgreen. She’s currently finishing her post-baccalaureate in dietetics, and writes a lifestyle and recipe website In My Bowl, which inspires plant based nutrition, healthful and positive living, and #GoddessVibes. When she’s not munching on vegetables or bopping around the city, you can also find her on Instagram.