Feb 11

throwing a galentine’s day party

We’re big fans of celebrating all holidays, all the time at Glass Alley. It’s a fact that we’re never happier than when we’re decorating for some celebration – any celebration.

Another thing we’re big proponents of? That Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about romantic love – it can be about celebrating anyone that makes your life a little brighter and more colorful. So last weekend, we headed to Paper Source, stocked up on some adorable decorations, and threw a rockin’ Galentine’s Party.

First came the playlist. And you better believe it was epic.

Then, we started decorating. We tend to embrace the traditional Valentine’s Day palate – red, white, pink and gold are some pretty great colors, in our opinion, but you can (and should!) use anything that makes you and your ladies feel happy. What else is Galentine’s Day for?

Our Paper Source haul:


One of our friends is a little more aesthetically inclined than we are, so she was promptly put in charge of decorations. And while we didn’t go crazy, we did nab a few adorable heart garlands that she made and then draped along our fireplace and chandelier.

It was just enough – a homemade touch that added a bit of festivity to the house without feeling over-the-top twee.



Food – and drink – played a big role in our celebration.

We whipped up the lasagna Bolognese from yesterday’s post. It’s delicious, relatively painless, and a great way to feed a crowd. Someone else brought delicious (and double-chocolate!) brownies, and a third friend mixed up some insanely good gin cocktails.

Naturally, we added a little Valentine’s flair to both.



Last up on our to-do list was to kick back – maybe grab that extra frosting and some spoons – and settle in for a movie that fully encompassed everything we love about a good Galentine’s Day party.

Like, uh… Magie Mike?

And as we cued up the DVD player, it was time for one last Paper Source surprise – Valentine’s Day fortune cards! They’re a cheeky way to wrap up celebrations (and we dug the more creative fortunes.)



Happy Galentine’s – and Valentine’s – Day!

Make sure you check out the celebrations happening at Mosaic all weekend long.


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